Q1. What is a personal loan?

Q2. What is an EMI?

Q3. Do I need a guarantor to take a personal loan?

Q4. Does my credit history and score affect my chances of a successful application?

Q5. Are personal loan taken as tax exemptions?

Q6. Which is better, personal loan or credit card loan?

Q7. Is GST applicable on Personal loans?

Q8. What is processing fees?

Q9. Can I club my income with my spouse to take a personal loan?

Q10. Can I prepay my personal loan?

Q11. What is the best credit score to get a personal loan?

Q12. Do I need to have a bank account to apply for a personal loan with that bank?

Q13. Can pensioners apply for personal loan?

Q14. How can I apply for a personal loan?

Q15. Is my personal data safe with Bajaj Capital?